Towing Service Mission Viejo

No, Mission Viejo isn’t the home of the first tow truck or tow truck service. That happened a good distance away in Chattanooga Tennessee back when the first auto mobiles were hitting the roads. It was a 6 hour experience of car towing inception that inspired a man named Ernest Holmes to rig a vehicle with three poles, a pulley and chain. That was the first tow truck service in existence. All these years later, Energy Towing Mission Viejo has built upon the mission that Mr. Holmes discovered. People need cars and cars need to be towed. Local and long distance towing, regular car towing, heavy duty towing, you name it— at Energy Towing we have towing service down to an art.

Might We Suggest Flat Bed Towing?

As the years have passed, so has the variety of towing service needs provided by companies such as Energy Towing Mission Viejo. People don’t just tow when emergency towing strikes anymore; car towing can now be the mode of transportation for a vehicle being sold or moved to a new home. When luxury cars and remodeled vehicles are being taken to car shows, they also need to be transported. For these needs, the towing service Mission Viejo residents should consider is flat bed towing. Flat bed towing is one of the best ways to transport a vehicle without causing it to run up extra miles of wear and tear. Flat bed towing also ensures that the car will not be damaged by chains or other components during travel since the car rides in a level position on the back of a flat bed towing truck.

Towing Service No Matter The Distance

The Mission Viejo towing service provided by Energy Towing Mission is not restricted to only traveling within the city. These towing services are available for local and long distance towing. Car towing for local needs when a car cannot drive on its own steam are available with light duty towing trucks. Let Energy Towing Mission Viejo take you the distance so that you don’t have to risk the safety of you or your family. Light duty towing is a simple enough task for trained towing service technicians, but without experience car towing can be a dangerous proposition. Don’t run the risk of putting your vehicle or family at risk. There is a towing service in town that can help you get your vehicles safely to their destination.