Car Lockout Mission Viejo

As long as cars have had keys, they have suffered the indignity of car lockout and the lost car key. Cars in Mission Viejo are no different. Of course, the car key and the door lock are invented to protect a car against interlopers, but for every development in theft protection the paradox has surfaced: no one has found a way to prevent the lost car key. Car lockout is a frustrating and occasionally humiliating occurrence that strikes every person at some point in their life, whether it’s a lost car key, a broken ignition key, or perhaps the most ironic of all, the lost transponder key.

The Lost Key and Car Key Replacement

The reason that even in Mission Viejo car lockout is so frustrating is because for loss of a single ounce of metal, an entire vehicle is rendered useless. What’s even worse is that car locksmiths are costly. When stuck outside a car after the burst of unsuccessful attempts to get in, it will sink in that a lost car key must be replaced. Hopefully the thought that might follow this first thought is to call us at Energy Towing Mission Viejo. We, Energy Towing, are the car locksmith that doesn’t bother to charge what a car locksmith would for key replacement.

Even the transponder key can’t stand against us. The transponder key is a key that is specially programmed with a chip that must communicate with the car for the door to unlock or the car to even turn on. Thieves and owners alike can’t bypass this car lockout situation, and it can be expensive to remedy. Energy Towing Mission Viejo can help not only get you back into your car, but help get a transponder key replaced at a lower price. Missing car key or not, you shouldn’t ever be stuck in Mission Viejo because Energy Towing is there.

Worse Things Than a Missing Car Key

Believe it or not, in car lockout there are worse things than a lost car key. If you experience the terror of a broken car key or a broken ignition key you will know the agony of car lockout. This is a scenario where a driver is not only locked out of their vehicle, but have perhaps rendered a lock or even the ignition tumbler useless. Some have tried to remove a broken ignition key themselves, but this is not wise. Without the proper tools an ignition can be damaged. Instead, let Energy Towing Mission Viejo put your mind at ease as we can quickly resolve your car lockout and get you back on the road.