Flatbed Towing VS Dolly Towing

There are several different types of rigs and methods used to tow motor vehicles, all can be assigned to one of two categories, these are flatbed towing and dolly towing.

In the case of flatbed towing the entire vehicle is raised onto a uniform flat surface (the “flatbed”) hence all of its wheels no longer touch the ground.
In dolly towing only one end of the towed vehicle is lifted off the road. The towed vehicle is pulled along with two of its wheels revolving just as they would when the vehicle is driven normally.

Flatbed towing has a definite advantage over dolly towing so far as safety is concerned, it is also considered more efficient. Loading and unloading is quicker and there is less chance of any damage to the towed vehicle.
Dolly towing rates are usually lower than flatbed towing rates, this is because dolly tow trucks are less costly to operate and maintain.

As a thumb rule dolly towing should be used for light duty towing operations. It is essential they be conducted by tow techs who are sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced with this type of towing.
Whenever the towed vehicle is of especially high value (either sentimental or monetary) flatbed towing is the best choice. In some circumstances flatbed towing is the only option, with vehicles which have a broken axle for instance.